Amanda Edmundson

Fashion & Musician


Amanda Edmundsson was born in 2002 in Linköping, Sweden and became known all over the world through the popular social app She started using in 2016, when the now huge app was still pretty new in Sweden. Through dancing and lip-syncing to popular songs she has quickly amassed over 2 million fans from all over the world. The majority of her fanbase is quite young, but through her personality and charisma she has no trouble reaching out to an even broader audience. Aside from social media her personal interests include dancing and horse riding.

Lately Amanda has expanded her daily online activity to other channels such as YouTube and Snapchat, which has helped her reach an even bigger audience. Through her social media endeavours Amanda is inspiring and affecting the lives of kids just like her. In Amanda’s own words; “It is a huge privilege for me to be able to inspire other kids and to make them believe in themselves and stand up for who they are”.