Caroline Kejbert

Family & Lifestyle




Caroline Kejbert is one of Swedens most influential women and you may know her from the TV series ”Bonde söker fru”, where she met her partner Joacim. They live together on a farm with their daughters Wilda who was born in January 2019 and Molly who was born in January 2022.

Caroline is a successful entrepreneur woman who owns her own clothing and interior design store. The store is based at the farm so she can work with her biggest passions in life and still be near family and nature.

She lives a modern yet down to earth lifestyle which is why so many people love to follow her around. By following her you get to be a part of a wonderful combination of a Swedish farm life close to nature, combinated with a life of  fashion, creativity, interior design and family.

It is rare to find someone similar to Caroline and her lifestyle which has made the engagement among her followers outstanding. Her ability to influence and inspire other people is admirable and she’s increasing her following at a rapid speed.

She has worked with a big variety of brands, everything from the international Clinique to the very Swedish brand Önskefoto and all has been very appreciated by her followers.

We are sure this is just the beginning of Caroline’s journey and that we will see a lot more of her in the future.