Jane Atieno Omulo
Foto: Elin Andersson

Starting from today, Tourn Agency together with our clients will begin a close collaboration with the foundation Vi-skogen, as a part of contributing to the environment.

Our job, managing influencer marketing campaigns for clients all over the world is something we are proud of and something we really enjoy. However, it is important to think one step ahead regarding the environment, so from today we will do our part to contribute to a better world. Every quarter, we will donate 1% of the total fee from as many collaborations as possible to a foundation we have carefully selected, Vi-skogen.

To read more about what Vi-skogen stands for and what they do, click HERE.

This is completely new to us and our approach to this is very humble. We will certainly learn more along the way, but this is a first step in the right direction and we hope it is appreciated by both our customers and consumers.

We believe this is a necessary step toward a more sustainable future and hope to set a new more environmentally friendly tone to the industry of Influence marketing.

The sponsored posts will be marked as “* In this collaboration, an environmental contribution is made to Vi-Skogen”

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