Bianca Ingrosso

Fashion & Lifestyle

Bianca Ingrosso’s participation in the TV-show “Let’s Dance” made her a household name in Sweden. Currently she can be seen along with her family on the show “Wahlgrens Värld”, and as the newest jury member on Sweden’s Got Talent. She is a top blogger and well-known media profile with a keen interest in fashion, beauty, food and home styling. Through her authenticity she has garnered a strong reach, mainly within the target group 18-30 years.

Bianca has a strong personality that makes an impression on her surroundings. She is a colorful, emotional and thoughful woman. She stands for genuinity and credibility and thinks that people never should be ashamed of who they are. One of the most important things for her in life is loyal  relationships. She is inspired by music, her family, long and deep conversation and great food.

Right now Bianca’s dream is to become the best version of herself and she prioritizes self growth and perosnal strength. She is also dreaming of becoming a young mother and working within the music industry, to let her creative side out more.

Bianca inspires her followers by being herself. She stands for who she is and always speaks from the heart, to her followers and readers. Through her unfiltered and genuine social channels, Bianca has grown to become one of Sweden’s biggest influencers. She shares the most wonderful, as well as tough moments in life and because of this she is very appreciated by her followers who can relate to similar situations in their lives.

Friends sending their

Bianca has been with us from the start and has therefore become a very important part of our NA-KD family. It’s a good and genuine match. This is evident since Bianca uses our products long after the collab has ended and the response from her followers is very positive. Our collabs with Bianca and Tourn have always worked well and we are really looking forward to developing them in the long run.

Erika Skyttä – Influencer Marketing Assistant Manager at NA-KD

Jotex’s campaign with Bianca Ingrosso and Pernilla Wahlgren has been a success story from start to finish. During the campaign period, Jotex hit records in visitors, both weeks.

Paulina Lundström – Head of marketing, Jotex

We chose Bianca as our ambassador and also made a collection together in 2017. It’s been incredibly fun working with Bianca who has shown such great dedication and creativity. We’ve reached new customers through the campaign and are very pleased with the result. We are looking forward to continuing our work with Bianca!