Erik Forsgren

Fashion & Lifestyle

Erik Forsgren is one of Sweden’s biggest male influencers who’ reach has grown exponentially from the start, thanks to him sharing his experiences and travels through social media.

Erik grew up in Umeå, Sweden and always believed that one person could have the power to impact and influence a large audience. Now he has the possibility to do so every day, with an audience of over 300 000 Instagram followers.

He appreciates the contrast of one day working in front of the camera in Milano and the next  standing in the beautiful landscapes of Lappland, by the rapids with a fly fishing pole in his hands.

Erik has had numerous largely successful collaborations with brands such as Nespresso, Hugo Boss, Nike, Ralph Lauren, Olympus, Matchefashion and Samsonite, to mention a few.

The content that Erik produces always holds the highest of quality. Take a look at his Instagram and see for yourself!