Jon Olsson

Entrepreneur, Designer, Youtuber, and Skier.




Jon Olsson, from success in the ski slopes to success in entrepreneurship, business and social media. Jon, born and raised in Sweden, is not just renowned for his incredible skills on the ski slopes, winning 9 X-Games medals, but is also recognized globally for his entrepreneurial spirit and dynamic presence on social media. With a unique blend of sports, adventures, fast cars and boats, business acumen, pushing limits, and a strong talent for creating trends, Jon has seamlessly transitioned from a world-class athlete to a successful entrepreneur and a highly sought-after influencer with big platforms of 1 million followers on his Instagram account and over 1,5 million subscribers on his Youtube channel.

As a freeskier, Olsson has numerous recognitions to his name, but it’s his ventures beyond the snowy peaks that have made waves in the world of business and digital media. His magnetic personality and zest for life are vividly showcased through his regular Youtube videos.

One of Jon’s most notable entrepreneurial ventures is Db (previously called Douchebags), a premium travel gear company known for its innovative designs and durable products. As the creative director, Jon has been instrumental in steering the brand towards global recognition and success. His flair for design and branding is evident in the stylish and functional products Db’s offers.

Furthermore, Olsson co-founded C’est Normal, a clothing brand that reflects his signature style and passion for creating. True to its name, the brand deviates from the ‘normal’ and goes hand in hand with Jon Olssons lifestyle which is to never adapt to a standard. C’est Normal offers unique pieces that stand out in the crowded fashion landscape.

In the realm of influencer marketing, Jon’s collaborations are a testament to his commitment to authenticity and quality, which is never compromised. He believes in aligning with brands that mirror his values, ensuring a genuine connection with his audience. This ethos has led to

successful collaborations and campaigns, further solidifying his position as a powerhouse in the influencer market.

The trust Jon’s followers have for him is strong and has been built over many years of transparency. He has shared both celebrations, like travels, wedding, the birth of his two children and building homes, as well as hardships, like the recent divorce from wife Janni Delér. The audience comes along for the journey, creating a bond few online personalities achieve.

Today Jon is living in the archipelago of Stockholm Sweden, renovating on his new massive property and taking his followers along for the ride. He represents a modern entrepreneur who leverages the power of social media, understands the nuances of brand-building in the digital age, and always stays true to his roots. Jon Olsson will always be a force to be reckoned with, constantly punching and striving to reach the next level in all his endeavors.

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