Common mistakes within influencer marketing

Common mistakes within influencer marketing


Not using the right influencers
The most common mistake is using influencers based on their reach instead of the engagement. People are so focused on the amount of followers more than the actual conversion rate. Everyone can buy followers and engagement today, which is more common than you think. That is one reason we as an influencer marketing company exist – we know the market what to look for which might be hard to discover to the untrained eye.

Also demographics, such as country and age plays a big part of your campaign. Also interests and habits in the everyday life can affect. Influencers knows their followers just the same way as followers knows their influencers. Create trust and authenticity and your collaboration will go far.

Analytics and transparency
What are the most important KPI when creating a campaign with the goal to drive traffic to a certain site? Which influencer drove the most traffic? What’s the conversion rate of that blog post? Bounce rate, reposts etc. Track your links! By doing this, you know which influencers are the best for your brand and who you should and should not be working with.

Long term endorsement are prefered
We notice that companies are doing less one shots and are leaning more towards long term endorsements instead. Our clients can see that creating brand awareness is more valuable than the conversion they get from one shots. Working long term builds a trust between the influencer and the brand which leads to a strong and successful brand awareness.

Influencers have feelings too
People that has been working within marketing for years tend to forget that influencer marketing does not work like your typical advertising space. You as a brand give your input and your guide lines but understand the importance of letting the influencers write their own posts. This is why they have their followings and it’s what they do best. It is proven to be more trustworthy and generate more traffic than your typical sponsored ad. Build a relationship worth fighting for and let that shine through in their posts.