Seminar – Sveriges annonsörer

människor som sitter i och kollar på Bianca på en projektorduk


We started the morning with a breakfast seminar at Sveriges Annonsörer together with Our CEO Robin Stenman and Caroline Andreasson, Campaign & Brand Manager at Nelly, spoke based on today’s topic – ”Trends in social media”.

Robin spoke about trends and developments in various social channels from a few years ago until today. We can see how new channels emerge and that blog is not longer the only platform for influencers. Nowadays one single influencer reach out to their followers and readers through multiple platforms such as blog, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube with more. Since it is important for brands and companies to advertise to the right audience, it is important to know which channel you should use. With the help of our tools, analysis and technologies we can see which channels that are best suited for each case and give the best results depending on preferences and wishes. The effect of identifying the right target market, profile and target audience by securing an effective profile and creating tracking to provide a report on the outcome is a profound key to success. Robin also mentioned Tourns new evolutionary analytical system that we are developing and as you will be able to see more of shortly. is a leading online fashion store and has a wide range of the latest trends in fashion for a youthful, trendy and outgoing audience. Nelly inspires their crowd with news every day with over 700 different brands. Caroline talked about how they work with social media and that they are working exclusively within this area to create content and dissemination, because they see that this gives the most and best results. have always been innovative in their way to the top. They have pushed the boundaries many times in their various launches and campaigns where one of their most successful campaign was ”Nelly Pool Party”. In conjunction with the launch of their beachwear collection SS15 they flew down influencers to Ibiza where they organized a poolparty and everyone wore their clothes, which gave huge spread and good results. Depending on this and their experiences through different channels Caroline said that it is very important to have a strategy depending on the social channel you want to go in. The content does not look the same in the different channels, but it is important to understand its audience and demand to reach out to each channel in the best way.

We would like to thank you for coming and hope you thought it was inspiring content for you to bring to your workplace!

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